What we believe

Our Mission

  • God glorifying in all things
  • A worshipping community of friends
  • A church of Spirit empowered followers of Jesus
  • Word of God (Bible) filled and fueled
  • A Kingdom people, the kingdom is ‘at hand’ every day
  • Walking relationally with God, one another and building bridges to reach out to the world
  • Transformed into the likeness of Christ in personal holiness and faithful service
  • A Godly steward of all we have and are: ‘time, treasure, talents’
  • A people on mission who are joining God in what He is doing to reach neighbours and nations
  • A genuinely loving and caring people who practise unity not division.
  • A church that is equipping and mobilising all God’s people to ‘shine’
  • God pleasers not crippled by the fear of man
  • A people of prayer that is evidenced in more than good intentions

Our Vision

Vision is ‘caught’ as well as taught so why not come visit? Or have a read on the About page…

In the moments you linger on this page let us whet your appetite with what we are dreaming of….

We dream to be a church that:

  • Is passionate about God – where the fire of God is not quenched by man. Where passion for God flows in our veins in every area of our lives….where we are a grateful not a grumbling community….where worship reverberates because of an understanding of God’s glory, gospel, grace and presence in our lives….where passion for God is translated into living passionately for God rather than inspiidly or timidely for Him. This is a journey, yes, but passion for God is the only outcome of being transformed by His truth and set on fire by His Spirit!
  • Love one another – number one complaint of un-saved people is that they have been put off God by Christians. Lets face this fact, we need to RE-PRESENT Him well. At the core of this is to love one another fully and unconditionally. We want to hate what God hates. We hate gossip. We hate slander. We hate divisiveness. They are never justifiable. We want to love what God loves. He loves His people and plan, He loves the people in the world, and He wants us to love one another! 1 Corinthians 13 written into the fabric of every believer at Liberty, evidenced in genuine love, is what we are dreaming and pursuing…..
  • Is about God’s mission not our own – by God’s mission we mean His call to seek out and save, heal, restore, teach, love, help, serve and bring God’s liberty to the world around us. We dream of a church that is moving in this 7 days of the week. Its so easy to fall into the trap that makes life all about us and to just use God rather than to be about His work and mission for His glory and fame. That is our ambition to see what the Father is doing and join Him, revival in our land!
  • Values and mobilises every member – God’s church is equipped for works of service. This is how we are effective and also part of how we grow in maturity too. We believe that we are all in ‘full-time ministry’ whether we are working as a builder, teacher, nurse, architect or plumber. We don’t go with a secular-sacred divide, neither do we like fancy titles or hierarchies in church. We like people to be themselves, being restored by grace and truth to be whom and what God made them to be and do. We value servant-heartedness. We see how Jesus served with a towel around His waist and how he served us by laying down His won life. We want to glorify God by serving God in the big things and the small things…an ordinary people with an extraordinary God!
  • Allows God to build His church, His way, with His Word and Spirit – Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, not man. We dream of a church that is so tangibly what GOD Himself is building. We dream of a church of both Word and Spirit, one river flowing, and bringing LIBERTY to captives (Isaiah 61). We desire to be a church that responds to God’s own leading on what to do and how to build, revealed in His Word and emphasised by His Spirit. We desire to let the river of God cut His own course and then seek to follow Him and build on the banks of the Holy Spirit’s river. He desires us to use the means of grace that He has given us for edification and proclamation: His Word, baptism, the breaking of bread and fervent prayer and to build upon no other foundation than Christ and Him crucified and raised again.

Statement of Faith

What we value and believe:

  • We honour the Holy Bible as divinely inspired, God-breathed and fully authoratative for our lives.
  • We believe that God will never ‘speak’ something that contradicts the revealed will of God in His Word.
  • We believe in and practise the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • We believe in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All pre-existent and co-equal.
  • We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news and is the hope for our nation! We believe that it is the key redemptive event in all history through Jesus Christ. It is good news for the sinner who can be saved and is also the foundation for all sanctification for the believer. This is vitally important.
  • We believe in liberty for the captives in our community who are ensnared by sin and bound by its effects in many guises and ways.
  • We believe in the local church. While others treat this ambivalently we believe that God is not.
  • We believe in Godly leadership and understand that God uses imperfect vessels in His body to accomplish His purposes.
  • We are grateful for God’s grace and believe it to be unmerited and undeserved, yet bountifully given to the believer through the scandalously good news of the gospel.
  • We are a work in progress, just one expression in God’s big picture. We seek to love and learn from other God-honouring Christians, and to build unity in His wider body.