Kids at Liberty

King’s Kids (Age 4 to 11 years)

Vision: “To teach and equip our children in King’s kids to love God with all their hearts, know and live the truth of God’s Word, and be a great blessing and witness to the Lord and the Gospel”

This verse can be seen at the entrance to the KING’S KIDS facility in Cookstown

At Liberty church we have a passion to see children and families thrive. Our King’s Kids program happens on Sunday mornings just before the preaching begins downstairs. The children are in the safe hands of Access NI checked and trusted volunteers who roll out a Biblical age-appropriate curriculum, full of fun activities, for your children.

  • We cater for ages 4 to 11 years (primary school age).
  • We operate a Safe-guarding policy and procedure to ensure your child is safe.
  • We have a ‘traffic light’ behaviour code in King’s Kids to allow all children to enjoy and benefit from the experience. Volunteer leaders will explain this to children and parents as well.
  • King’s Kids exists to teach and encourage them as a key part of the ‘church of today’ and to equip them, through the Gospel, for their ‘tomorrows’.
  • Each month a new topic is covered which covers a particular Biblical theme and angle on being a ‘King’s Kid’ eg. faith, salvation, love, serving others, using your talents etc.
  • Chaela Wilson heads up the King’s Kids program at Liberty.

Parent & child room

At the Liberty church centre we have a dedicated room for parents with babies or toddlers to go to, if you need a comfortable place to bring your young child. On Sunday mornings we have a live video feed of the main meeting so that you don’t feel disconnected from what’s going on.

We hope that this will make bringing your younger children to church a more relaxing and comfortable experience for everyone.

Food and drink area for kids

We ask that no food or drinks are given to children DOWNSTAIRS in the main meeting area and that this is reserved for upstairs in our child and family facility. Many thanks.