Wanting a king without a cross

Sep 16, 2018 by: Jason Shiels Category: King and Kingdom Scripture: John 6:15–6:15, Romans 1:22–1:24 Tags: kingship, cross without a king,

The crowd tried to make Jesus king by force. They wanted a celebrity political leader to overthrow the Romans and re-establish Israel in the tradition of Solomon's Temple.

Jesus frustratingly for the crowd withdrew to a mountainside to pray! 

This message by Jason Shiels teaches the place of the Kingship of Jesus. They wanted to bring Him a crown and make Him king yet they did not discern or want His true mission - a crown of thorns for the Redemption of an undeserving people!

Are we trying to fit God into our tiny boxes? He can never be limited or tamed. Its time to allow the King to reign over us. Who fits into who after all?!

Will we too want a King without a cross?