An environment to contain God's purposes

Jun 24, 2018 by: Jason Shiels Category: New wineskin for new wine Scripture: Matthew 9:16–9:17

Ryan Matthews does an outstanding job of speaking about how each one of us contributes personally and corporately towards creating a Kingdom advancing environment built on the finished work of Christ that can contain and release God's purposes (new wine). 

Since it is not pious to be cautious and to succomb to fear - although this is commonly the case, this message starts with a prophetic exhortation from Ryan that the church in N Ireland needs the 'lion' of the Lion of the tribe of Judah back into our make-up. Ryan's exhortation alone is worth a listen!

The bulk of this superb message looks at how each of us needs to encounter God's transforming grace and the Father's love so that we can build a church culture that is Holy Spirit empowered.