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God's welcome.....

The greatest 'welcome' anyone can receive is when the undeserving (all of us) are welcomed, received and embraced...that is what God offers anyone today who responds to His welcome and call....

In welcoming you today we also want to let you know about the wonderful good news of 'God's welcome' and invitation for those are not yet part of His kingdom or who are far from Him at this time. Here are a few key truths for you to think over today:

* John 3v16, says "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." This is written all over the place in Northern Ireland but its true! Make this reality more than something written on a wall and allow God to reveal this truth in your own heart?

* God's welcome requires us to recognize our desperate NEED of Him. The Bible informs us that 'our sin has separated us from God' and that there is 'no-one righteous, not even one'. This means that every person who is born has failed to live in the laws and ways God gave and will be judged by Christ accordingly and face the sentence of eternal separation from God in hell - unless we are redeemed (rescued and saved by God and brought into His kingdom and family). Jesus' death and resurrection are only good news for those who see their NEED of salvation and believe in a way that responds. If you are in this situation think carefully and read on below!

* 'God's welcome' is only made possible in the Gospel of Christ. If Jesus had not gone to the cross and been raised from death there would be no payment for man's sin, which is now paid in full yet only available to those who are being saved.  Without this 'work' of Christ we would be forever shut out from His Presence, just like Adam and Eve were when they had rebelled against God at the origins of man. It is not our good works, religious background or perception of what we deserve that will see us welcomed and saved by God! Its a complete work of grace where man is offered something he does not deserve because Christ's death and resurrection are the only possible means by which we can be saved from eternal punishment. Sobering? Yes, it is but also great news for those who take up His welcome and invitation...

* God's welcome is permanent for those who respond to the gift of faith and regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Repentance is the result of God's work in our hearts. It is a fruit of God's revelation of Himself to us by the Holy Spirit showing us our need of His gracious gift of new life. The great news is that the Bible teaches us that when God signs the adoption papers to make us His child by grace, He promises to NEVER reverse this process and cast us away. We are not saved by any of our good works nor can we be 'unsaved' by any of our sins or failures. Its a work of grace from beginning to end.....now that is a welcome and a half don't you think?!

  • If you want more information or help on these matters or other issues you may be facing in life then please know that you are more than WELCOME at Liberty church.