Sundays @ Liberty

  • Every Sunday | 11:00am – 1:00pm

Liberty church began Sunday meetings in April, 2013. You are welcome...

We are a non-denominational church that is Christ-centred and desires to intentionally host the Holy Spirit well in our lives and meetings. We love the Word of God and preach Christ and the gospel not just formulas and techniques. We believe in discipleship of the Lord, genuine love and friendship within His body and beyond into the world. We believe in a God of power who heals, and does things that are 'super-natural' We believe that our focus and the object of our worship is everything...we desire more of the reality of personal love and fellowship of God than the mere concept...we believe in the lonely being set into 'family', and for people to experience the restorative power of God's grace over performance....we want to make Christ and the gospel known and refuse to water it down to 'another gospel that is no gospel at all'....we are ordinary people who love and want to honour an extraordinary God! We want to see His Kingdom come.

You are welcome, come visit any time..

The Liberty team