Walking together off a cliff?

February 5, 2015 | by: Jason Shiels | 0 Comments

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One of the glaringly obvious trends today is toward 'morality by consensus'. Increasingly the public is being asked to determine what is morally acceptable through opinion polls, Twitter trends, referendums and just through the views of popular figures in society. The novelist William Golding summed up 'morality by consensus' like this;

"When God is dead, when man is the highest, good and evil are decided by majority vote"

However history itself is evidence enough that following the majority consensus opens us to abuse or walking blindly off the edge of cliffs. Many followed the consensus and cried 'Crucify Him'. Will you deny Jesus and His exclusive claims to your life too just because you are following 'the crowd'? 

Jerram Barrs says 'Truth claims are offensive to our contemporaries. As long as we say, 'This is my truth', no one minds or pays us any attention; but we are considered arrogant when we claim that what we believe is 'the truth'.

We risk popularity and being side-lined as 'fundamentalist' fringe by making simple but profound claims that were made by Christ Himself and are everywhere in His Word, the Scriptures. I would rather risk the wrath of society's consensus makers, face their scorn and jeers than stand before God guilty of just 'running with the crowd' rather than embracing God in all His Word, ways and by living by the Spirit rather than by religious or moral consensus.Jesus said of Himself,

'I am the way, the truth and the life, no man can come to the Father except through me'

Its a claim to deity and salvation that got him crucified but Christ was true to Himself and true to communicating His convictions in love. 

Morality by consensus will mean that people take refuge in their own moral authority rather than bowing to the God of all the earth, His wisdom and supreme moral authority. The Bible teaches us of a judgment that will come to all men and of great loss eternally for those who choose their own moral authority rather than God's. Society will also become more and more separated from the moorings of our Christian heritage in areas like marriage, family, ethics, and so on as we allow this unconscious drift of living by 'moral consensus' to carry us where the tide takes us....we will reap the whirlwind as a society as we drift away from God and His truth...and...I forgot to say - God is not dead, He is risen and very much alive!


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