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May 23, 2016 | by: Jason Shiels | 2 Comments

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Have you ever been struck by the wonder on another Christian's face or taken-back with a touch of jealousy by the glint of romance for God in moist love saturated eyes? Did you ever find yourself chipping in with agreement to gratitude saturated conversation saying, "Oh yes God is just soooo good" but meanwhile your heart is actually breaking, you're stressed to your eye-balls, your faith has hit rock-bottom and your profuse agreement is more of a projection of your ideal self than a true picture of your heart singing? I know that feeling! Oh how easily it can become about getting the "stuff" from God that we want answers to rather than about just being "with" Him as His worshiper and friend? You too? You are not alone.

Sometimes life seems to have served us a very raw deal and the last thing you or I feel like doing is rejoicing and being thankful, but we do it anyway because thats the done thing, right?! If we aren't happy-campers with God then we tend to try to preserve the dignity of not looking like we've just won the annual lemon-suckers contest! And there is in fact wisdom in that too! However, there is definitely something missing in this tale of keeping up with the Jones' and that is to get some quality Spirit to spirit one-on-One time with the Lord ourselves! That dear friends will make all the difference to our perspective and disposition for sure.

Unfortunately, so often our longing is for what God can do or give more than it is for who He is and just being with Him without frequent demands. Of course, we are not talking about asking for the latest Ferrari here either! We are talking about 'good Christian things and stuff' that we know is part of God's will! The very cool thing about all of this is that Jesus taught His disciples and us to learn to abide/rest/remain in Him and that from that place great things happen, something to think about indeed...

"If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you." John 15v7

Second hand revelation will never enable us to testify or know that God is indeed good and for us. There comes a time when each of needs to really knuckle down and get to know God for ourselves personally. Failure to ever do this will leave us believing that God is into blessing and helping others but is kind of disinterested in us. How sad. Second-hand joy mediated through another's life or through a church or movement will never be our joy. We need to pause from our frenzy of need and demands for "stuff" and once more rediscover the privilege of our daily access to God in the Holy Spirit -

"Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us" Ephesians 2:18 NLT.

I want to leave you with a challenge today, if you are a Christian (if not contact me and I would love to help with this). I want to encourage you to meet Him in prayer and also allow the Holy Spirit room to speak to you when you read His Word or when you wait on Him. When you do set time aside try and take the time to get to know Him personally. He is a personal relational God!!

Let His truth become your truth. Let His love fill your heart. Let His promises refresh your hope and catalyse your vision and be done with living off scraps and someone else's revelation or joy. Allow His Holy Spirit to fill you!

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!" Psalms 34v8

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Cindy Ryan

May 24, 2016

Good news travels fast xx

Cindy Ryan

May 24, 2016

Good news travels fast xx


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